Plunkett Associates

Launched: Saturday, 1 March 2014

Plunkett Associates is a manufacturing consultancy, having worked in the industry for XX years Tim plunkett decided to take his knowledge & experience. and set up Plunkett Associates.

The new plunkett associates website features an orange and grey colour scheme with interesting use of diagonal lines and shapes. The website has undergone some significant expansion since it was first launched.

My job was to develop the back end CMS (content management system) for the new plunkett associates website, the CMS allows the client the ability to change all the content on the website.

I'm particularily proud of this CMS as although it looks simple it is intellegently designed. The materials, services, processes and examples are used throughout the site in various ways, because of this I set up relationships between the different tables and classes allowing changes to these sections to beautifully cascade throught the site.

I also built a clever archive function for the news section wich dynamically generates links to past news items.