Launched: Monday, 15 September 2014

Glantus provides a range of custom built services tailored to each individual clients specific needs.

What did I do?

My primary job on was to build a CMS (Content Management System) for the website. The CMS allows Glantus to update every part of the website to meet their needs.

I also developed the JavaScript that handles the AJAX loading of new news articles when the "read more" button is clicked on either the news or blog pages. The JavaScript handles both the news and blog sections, and if there is a category selected. The JavaScript combined with the PHP provides a pagination fallback for anyone with javascript disabled or search engine crawlers, making it more SEO friendly.

I also did some work on the animated diagram on the home and what we offer pages, the svg was animated using Snap SVG, and a combination of JavaScript and the JQuery library. When I was connecting the diagram to the CMS I noticed it was causing the page framerate to lag, I made a few optimisations to the JavaScript code and managed to get the framerate to increase from between 8 and 30 fps (frames per second) to over 60 fps. This also fixed an issue where the automated JavaScript garbage collection caused all the animation on the page to freeze for a few seconds at a time.