I have had my Samsung Galaxy S4 for about a year now and whilst staying in Bath recently I decided to test out how good its camera is. My old Samsung Galaxy S2 took some amazing close up shots when I was working in America a few years ago, so I thought this would be a great chance to see if there have been any improvements.

Canal pathway in Bath

Women rowing in Bath canal

I saw no better opportunity to do so until I was walking up the long path running alongside the canal in Bath, so took some pictures and it seemed the best thing to shoot would be the vast variety of wild flowers.

The camera on the S4 has a selection of different modes you can choose from:

  • Auto
  • Night
  • Sports
  • Panorama
  • Eraser
  • Rich tone (HDR)
  • Animated photo
  • Drama
  • Sound & shot
  • Best face
  • Best photo
  • Beauty face

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera in HDR mode

Rich tone (HDR) seemed like the best choice for the wild flowers, so I put my camera into HDR mode and took a selection of close up photos of any and all the wild flowers I could find.

Yellow butter cups

Wild blue flowers

Yellow dandelion close up

White dandelion close up

Pink Flowers

White wild flowers

Purple wild flowers

White wild flowers

Red wild flowers

Here is a picture of some sort of bug, it looks a bit like a dragonfly but I’m guessing it’s not?!

Dragonfly like bug

I have to say I was very impressed with the crispness of the photos, especially as any pictures I have taken previously in auto mode have always seemed to be a bit blurred.

So here are the photos I took on my old Samsung Galaxy S2 whilst I was working out in Connecticut 2 years ago.

Giant moth on a log

Tortoise under water

Giant flying bug with pincers

Green lunar moth in America

Having looked at the two photos its very difficult to pick, between the two as they both look very good for a smartphone. I had to zoom in on the photos to see which one started to lose sharpness first, and in my opinion I would say the photos produced by the S2 are slightly better. This is obviously surprising considering the S4 in roughly 2 years newer.

What do you think? Do you own the Samsung S5? How are you finding the camera? Let me know!