I recently broke my collar bone whilst mountain biking in the Forest of Dean, I should probably say trying to mountain bike considering it didn't go that well.

Mountain bike jumping over camera

It was a nice day in the forest, we started by pushing up to the top of the downhill trails, we decided to hit the GBU trail (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly), most of the trail was fine but when we reached the jump section near the bottom I noticed something wasn't right. It was only noticeable when I got airborne but I couldn't figure out hat was causing it. I had recently purchased a brand new Nukeproof stem for my Specialized SX trail and I have since wondered if that may have been loose or somehow causing the issue.

New Nukeproof stem

The issue continued through out the morning until we then stopped for lunch, on my way pushing back up after lunch I turned to my brother and said I wasn't feeling it today. Then when I reached the top of the jump section I actually said to my brother "I'm going to crash on this run". Obviously hoping this wasn't the case. Unfortunately it turns out I was right! but not only was I right but I managed to do it on the biggest jump, the so called "road gap", typical!

I had never broken anything before but I was surprised as breaking your collarbone doesn't really hurt much at all. The knock to the head did make me feel a touch nauseous though.

Jon Catmull in the hospital

I walked down the hill to my car and sat down for 5 mins, I then ran my fingers along my left collarbone and felt a massive lump and which point I was convinced I had broken it. I then got up and walked down to the bike shop/cafe and asked them to call an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived pretty quickly and after stabbing my arm for 5 mins trying unsuccessfully to find a vein to give me morphien the paramedics decided to just give me gas and air instead.

Whilst slightly high on gas & air in the hospital, I thought my voice combined with the noise of the gas & air machine made me sound like Darth Vader.

My arm is now in a sling and I'm waiting for surgery to have a metal plate put in.

William (the dog) keeping me company